Saturday, November 29, 2008



My Alter Ego

Peter Deseve emulation

Here is a marginally succesful attempt to emulate Peter Deseve. I still like the polar bear.

Jim Lee style Sketch

This was the sketch for my previous post.

Jim Lee Emulation

I did this design in an attekpt to emulate the style of DC comic artist Jim Lee. This guy has the amazing powers of the cosmos!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

John Wayne patch

Yer dang strait! WWJWD? There's a story behind this image. A couple months ago, a SPC Ryan "John Wayne" Rowley, a US soldier deployed in Afghanistan, contacted me. I'd drawn a caricature of John Wayne, and he wanted to use the image for a patch on his body armor! That was pretty cool, and I told him he could definitely do that. This morning I got this one in the mail. It's so awesome! The patch designers did a great job! There are only three of these patches in existence. I have this one, and Ryan has already worn his in combat. Thanks, Ryan, and good luck to all our troops!