Saturday, August 18, 2012

More Jungle Ascent characters

A couple more character pawns.  This is Short John (the cook) and Bonny Vane.

Monday, August 13, 2012

More Jungle Ascent

Here are some more Jungle Ascent cards:

And a couple character pawns:
That's Dr. Livesy, and Captain Jean-Francios DuBaguette.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Jungle Ascent soon to be published

Some Effect Cards

 Some Hazard Cards

 Some Pathway Cards

 Some Jungle Ascent action!

I am about to accomplish one of my life goals!  Jungle Ascent, my new board game, is being published by 5th Street Games, and it should be up for pre-order this fall!
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Right now, I'm feverishly trying to finish all the artwork in between my regular job, family reunions, and trying to maintain my sanity.  Wish me luck!  It's been a long, long, difficult project.  Sarah, THANK YOU for all your help and support!  You have been the number one biggest help (playtesting, prototyping, videoing, endless awesomeness)!  I also need to thank my friends and family who have given me encouragement, playtesting, criticism, and enthusiasm.  I'll try to get a better thank you list together shortly!  Also, a special thanks goes to the Board Game Designers Guild of Utah, who have been absolutely indispensable in making Jungle Ascent polished, balanced, and fun.  Thanks, everyone!