Thursday, June 5, 2008

Madonna Painting, Step 2

2 things: This woman is almost 50. I hope she tips her surgeons well.
This is the most fun work project ever! (So far. I suppose if this is the most fun project EVER, I've already hit the top, and how depressing would that be? I'd have to retire this year, for sure.)


Jaxon Haggar said...

Wow. You painted Madge? Awesomeness is already yours my friend. Seriously though nice work, maybe "up the contrast" a bit? That always seems to help, "upping the contrast" as if it were akin to "kissing it better" or "damning the torpedos" or something, only non toxic and with less nuclear hell-fire. Wait, did you say work paid you to do this?...? ?? +10 points for having a rad job.

Jaxon Haggar said...

Wait, wait, wait, I just looked at the embiggened version and I need to amend my comment lest I come off sounding like a retarded jackass. The contrast is fine in most spots but maybe you could define some edges a bit more clearly, maybe add some subtle definition to the face, jeez, chicks faces are a pain no? You don't want them to look manly by defining everything, but you don't want to soft-focus them into oblivion either. Round shapes are kinder to women and a little goes a long way. Again though, I like it a lot. Nice blog too.