Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My pen leaked. On purpose.

So, after talking to Jake Wyatt, I decided to post a full page of fully self indulgent doodles. Yes, they are mine. No, I don't expect them to get me anywhere in any art field. Yes it was drawn on lined paper at work. Hooray!


Thirdmango said...

You should post more of these.

My favorite is the little blob fella with the wrench. Also me thinks what could be cool is using the screw with head one, then showing the second with two heads, but make one into a girl and throw them into wedding outfits and then you could find a friend who does wedding stuff and he could pay your for that logo. How cool would that be. Screwed together marriages. Ha ha ha.

nomi said...

Can we please make a vinyl version of the little blow-up doll? Strange doodles have leaked out of your pen for years. I wonder if you need a new one. No, wait. Your strange doodles are some of my favorites. Always.