Saturday, April 19, 2008

Better colors!

Thanks for your comments, everybody--- Yeah, the color on this frustrated me to no end so I ended up repainting it. Not done by any means, but this nice cliche color scheme seems to work a lot better! Hooray!


Jake said...

I like it. It's creepier.

Also, Congratulations on yer internship, sir. Godspeed.

Laura said...

Well done, Brian! Love the colors!

AHHH! Cool! I hope you email us some updates of all the awesome things you're learning there over the summer! :)

Ty Carter said...

Cool Work Brian! Congratulations on your internship, You're amazing!

nomi said...

The green coloring makes her seem stronger and more independent. Hmmm. Not sure why. The Better blue coloring makes her seem lost and forlorn. Are those the words I'm looking for?

Which ones did you send to Sony?
So great to intern for Sony--especially when it's so close to the beach! Have some fun--and keep posting while you're gone!