Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Character Design Process for LIGHTNING BOY!!!

LIGHTNING BOY was always teased in school... That is, he WAS, before he stole himself some SUPER HERO GEAR! Try teasing him now! Of course, the ill-tempered fellow is looking for his stuff. Our hero is barely realizing that this may not have been the greatest idea after all.
Thanks to Sam Nielson for the critiques!

UPDATE-  Here's the finished Lightning Boy painting.


bigteddyt said...

FIRST COMMENT! I WIN! looking good brian. looking good.

nomi said...

Is Lightning Boy using a HOVER board? Oooo. I know they always advertised those in the back of Boys' Life... LB's form looks a little like how I envision surfing in San Diego! As LB morphs, he gets better and better!

Laura said...

It's a comet! It's a spotlight! NO! It's LIGHTNING BOY!

Loving this design, Brain! Good job.

Wyatt Stevens Miles said...

Awesome stuff Brian!