Thursday, December 20, 2007

Demon Five Heads, Revised Again

BWAHAHAHA!!! I am now pretty well satisfied with the Demon Five Heads. I had a revelation when I printed him and flipped him upside down and found him much more freaky. Now, instead of a tree sort of creature, he's halfway between a rotten tree stump and something pulled out of a tar pit that hides in caves and swings down from the ceiling a you! Also, I changed the background (Thanks Jon) and his gesture somewhat to give him a more vicious angle of motion.


Thirdmango said...

Oh yes indeed, you hit it on the head this time. Turning it upside down does make it much more sinister. I love it.

I once did a sponge painting of sunflowers, and it was okay, but I wasn't satisfied with it, but then one day I looked at it and wow was it good, and then I saw my signature upside in the top right hand corner, upside down, it was awesome, cause I tried to do rainy clouds and I tried to do soil, but both efforts were better as the other. I got second place in an art contest with that one. Boo Yah.

Morgan said...

SO COOL!!! greatest villain design! he's totally sick and evil land wicked, and also VERY cool and respectably aesthetic at the same time. Beauty.