Friday, December 21, 2007

The Legend of the Warrior Ntome and the Evil Demon Five Heads

Once many years ago, Enzi, the greatest sorcerer in all of Africa, sought to gain immortality. To win it, he made a deal with the evil demon, Five Heads. Five Heads promised that if Enzi gave him his soul, he would never face the grave. When Enzi agreed, Five Heads sucked out his soul through his nostrils, which killed him instantly—but Five Heads kept his part of the deal, as he carries Enzi’s body with him, using it to channel the sorcerer’s powers. He never faced the grave.
Ntome- Name means Young Elephant. Ntome is the mightiest warrior in the village of Maasii, and he alone is sent to destroy the demon Five Heads, though he has no idea how to do it.

Sunyei- Name means Sand River. Ntome’s wife, and daughter of the sorcerer chief whom Five Heads devoured. She is wise and supportive of Ntome, but badly wants her father saved or if that is impossible, avenged. She is also the finest spear maker in the village, and possesses some magic of her own.

Buyu- Name means Calabash. A greedy alligator. His desire for wealth is incomparable. He's a pretty sly business man, black market dealer, and part time pirate (but it's mainly just a hobby). That's how he's such a smart dresser. This fellow lives in Africa, and his latest great idea is to steal the jewel in the sorcerer's eye socket from the Demon Five Heads and sell it on ebay.

Enzi- Name means Power. The most powerful sorcerer in all of Africa. Five Heads devoured him and now uses him as the source of his power. His magic is controlled by his crystal eye, which is still hanging in his skeletal head. He died with a look of absolute terror on his face, and you can still see it if you are unfortunate enough to get that close-- it almost seems as if he is still in some horrific torment...

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