Saturday, December 8, 2007


So, I'm going to do three more characters in this style, and an environment. Should be fun!

Not quite sure about the story details yet, but I know who the villain will be. He is the evil demon Five Heads, who was inspired (loosely) by an african legend of five headed serpent chief. I kind of departed from it a lot though. The Demon Five Heads is an evil spirit inhabiting the dead body of Africa's most powerful (Magician? Sorcerer? Warrior? King?). The demon had made a deal with the man that if he gave his soul to Five Heads, he would "never face the grave". When the man agreed to it, Five Heads immediately devoured his soul and entered the man's body. He died with a look of absolute horror on his face, which is still plastered on it today.

I'm trying to work out Five Heads' design. He started out as a voodoo doctor type guy with a necklace of shrunken heads and five living heads coming out from his shoulders. Then he became more of an amorphous blob with blobby heads sticking out, then he became more of a spider, then an octopus/tree blob. Now it's down to a walking corpse, bent over backwards with a look of horror on his dead, hanging face, and five demon heads protruding from his chest and controlling his limbs like a puppeteer. Hmm... We'll see.

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Morgan said...

where, where o where, are the images??? this sounds SO cool!